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About Better Conversations

Chandima Co-founder If you’ve found this page, you’ve likely been invited to share in our journey. Welcome!

I’m Chandima, one of the co-founders of the Better Conversations Foundation. I got here out of a long-borne frustration with noise.

Noise around what needs to happen in work (and at home) to get stuff done effectively, noise around what makes people give of their best and move forward together, noise around what’s important in life.

I think noise can be turned into music through improving something quite fundamental to all humans: the way we listen and talk to each other

In a way, this course and the Better Conversations Foundation have grown from many conversations between myself and my co-founder, Simon. Some meaningful, some challenging and some just plain silly. In another way, many people have given up their time to attend pilots, give us feedback and try the techniques out themselves. We are very grateful to our friends who have helped us develop this course and continue to keep us focused.

Our aim is to help people have Better Conversations, every day. What is taught is in this course isn't rocket science (or music theory). It is potent and important. We know this because people who have been on the course come back to tell us how it is impacting their lives, day after day, one conversation at a time.

I could go on about benefits and features of the course - they are listed here on this page if you are curious. What I’d really like to have happen is for people to reconnect, human to human, and for those connections to lead to meaning conversations and collaborations.

How we work with you

The Better Conversations Foundation offers "Experience Courses" so you can both have an experience of the course, and also learn to give it yourself. We are intending these skills travel, which is why we have set up a non-profit to support it and you.

All our content is freely available to use under a Creative Commons License, and our community is here to help you take it into your teams, your organisations and your communities. Once you’ve learned these skills, it tends to flow into all your conversations, by osmosis. We’ve also shared this course with friends and family, to support our own support system. It seems to do what it says on the tin, as it were.

Our courses

The courses are free of charge as part of our non-profit mission, and you can repeat any session as often as you'd like. It helps reinforce the skills, and to bring new insights each time, as you talk with different people.

Please sign up using the form on this page and the booking system will show you courses in your time zone. You can also manage your bookings through this site so if you can't make a particular session re-arranging is easy. If you’d like to hang out in our community, you’ll find a link to that in this app too. 😊

Pleased to meet you!

Fill in your details to see times in your time zone and sign up for the sessions. You can also manage your bookings through this site so if you can't make a particular session re-arranging is easy.